We see statement banks as a way of resolving writer's block, a teacher can quickly search all of the statements for a particular keyword and thus gain an idea of what to write next. We do not recommend they are used to write a complete report.

Many of our schools are still finding their way with regards to reporting and assessment within the current curriculum. In-depth reporting on the core subjects with more generalised sections or 'tick boxes' for the remaining foundation subjects is popular with parents.

ReportComplete's favourites system encourages schools and individual teachers to build, retain and grow a unique bank of personal statements year on year. Also, over time, we have created a huge searchable library of indexed statements that range from the original QCA through levels to the latest curriculum.

What our schools are saying...

 I am very happy with the support I received tonight, even though I rang very late. It was a life... 
Y4 Teacher, Preston

 A must for every teacher in every school - a report writing program that doesn't lose sight of the individual... 
Reception / Year 1 Teacher, Skipton, Yorkshire

 I am really pleased with the software. It is so easy to use and select the right comments. 
Teacher, Stone, Dartford