Who publishes ReportComplete?

Since May 2019 ReportComplete and this website have been published by Deluxe Pixel Limited. If you decide to purchase a licence then you will notice that it's Deluxe Pixel Limited that you actually pay.

Deluxe Pixel is a company owned by Anthony Ball and Faye O'Neill. It's based in Preston, Lancashire. As well as ReportComplete, it also publishes a number of video games for tablets, mobile phones, computers and HTML5 (for example Facebook Instant games).

Deluxe Pixel is also developing a pixel-based image editing program called... 'Deluxe Pixel' or 'DPixel' for short! You can visit Deluxe Pixel's website to find out more information specific to Deluxe Pixel.

Who programmed ReportComplete?

ReportComplete has been written and designed by Anthony Ball.

For almost 20 years Anthony has been creating school report systems both sold by his company and also published under licence other companies since 2004. You may know the program as ReportBuilder, Elementary Reports, ReportPlus, ReportComplete, or ReportAssist. ReportComplete is an advanced evolution of that original ReportBuilder program.

Anthony has been programming computer systems since the early 80s, he started programming video games whilst at school! After leaving school Anthony continued to create video games, he also designed new copy protection systems for various games companies before setting up his software and design company.

If you have an Android device, click here to see some of Anthony's games available on Google Play.

If you have an iOS device, click here to see some of Anthony's games on iTunes.