ReportComplete School Pricing

A school basically buys one licence for each user that wishes to use the program.

New Schools

IMPORTANT: All maintenance updates throughout the year are FREE.

Only £30 exc. VAT per user. More than 20 teachers? Contact us for discount.

Order form Click here to download a pdf order form (new school).

Re-Subscribing Schools

Schools that re-subscribe each year are given at least 30% loyalty discount...

Only £20 exc. VAT per user.

Order form Click here to download a pdf order form (upgrade).

Click here for example school prices.     Prices exclude V.A.T at 20%.     Schools can call 01772 369511 for help with ordering and requesting payment details.

ReportComplete School Order Form

To order ReportComplete please fill in the order form below and press send. We will contact you shortly to complete the order process.

Order form:

   (Sending this form will allow us to contact you regarding the order, this information will not be disclosed to third parties)

User licences:

At least one licence is required. One of the licences has admin access to a special toolbar icon that will allow them to change the school settings, etc. they can also write or edit reports.

Schools with more than 20 users should contact us for a discounted charge for the additional users.

Individual teachers...

Usually your whole school would use ReportComplete Live with administration and setup performed centrally, however individual teachers can purchase a licence and use ReportComplete Live independantly from their school - they can even add jobshare teachers to share their students.

For more information on Individual licence prices, click here.