What is ReportComplete?

ReportComplete is the complete solution for creating your end-of-term reports.


ReportComplete is a system designed to help teachers create end-of-term reports more easily and efficiently.

ReportComplete's built-in easy-to-use wordprocessor is designed to edit and manage hundreds of documents simultaneously with no slow down.

Advantages over traditional methods of reporting:-

  • Reduces administration time significantly.
  • Schools import all pupils at once so teachers don't have to.
  • Create attractive, consistent reports which look professional.
  • Smart pronoun tracking copy and paste.
  • Teachers can collaborate on reports.
  • Attendance data can be merged into a report at any time.
  • Heads can view/edit reports before they have been finished.
  • Layouts can be changed even after reporting has started.
  • Syncs report text between home and school over the 'net.
  • Simple and intuitive so virtually no training is required.

Designing your reports:
(We can help with this)

We can help you to create the perfect report layout for your school or if you're happy with your existing layout we can reproduce this as closely as possible for ReportComplete.

You can add the school logo, pupil portraits, text boxes, tick boxes, grids and tables to create layouts for foundation and all your other keystages.

As part of our support we will help you if you need changes to your layout or you can use the built-in layout editor to make edits of your own. Layout changes are then automatically distributed to the teachers to make sure everything is consistent.

We have compiled a small selection of various report layout examples, you can view them by clicking here.

Adding pupil and teacher data:
(We can help with this)

You can import your pupil list from your school management system or you can send the data to us and we will double check and import it for you.

Teachers can also add or edit pupil data manually.

You can add or edit teachers at any time or you can send a list to us to enter for you.

A teachers digital signature can be added to their reports.

Writing reports:

Teachers love our stress free system that's immediately familiar to anyone who has used a wordprocessor.

As well as all the standard functions, ReportComplete includes advanced features such as smart copy and paste, groupwriting, predefined statements, and past reports.


Printing can be done in bulk or individually on any printer.

Booklet printing and advanced settings for more complex printers are available via the print menu.


Teachers can access past reports at any time. Reports can be backup up as PDF or Word files for storage on a school server.

As teachers save their work the last 20 generations of each subject are also stored locally.

Saved reports on our servers are also backed up nightly.


ReportComplete has effectively been around since 2004. It was created by Anthony Ball and has been known by various names over the years as multiple companies published it under licence whilst offering different levels of support and pricing structures.

ReportBuilder2004-2006ApplePanic Limited
Elementary Reports2006-2011Computing Data Limited
ReportComplete (Legacy)2011-2019SinisterSoft Limited
ReportComplete (Live)2012-2019SinisterSoft Limited
ReportPlus2009-2013ReportPlus Limited
ReportAssistSince 2012ReportAssist Limited

The most feature-packed version of the program is ReportComplete, published by the authors own company 'Deluxe Pixel Limited'.

What our schools are saying...

 I am really pleased with the software. It is so easy to use and select the right comments. 
Teacher, Stone, Dartford

 ReportComplete! is an excellent, easy to use program with first rate support. The history feature is a boon especially when... 
Class Teacher/ICT Coordinator, Preston

 Software is very easy to use and produces good clear reports that staff and parents like. 
Headteacher, Castlefields, Runcorn

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