ReportComplete is packed with lots of exclusive features, here are just some of them:

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⭐ Shared reports
The report text is shared between jobshares, the head and the deputy. You can change access in the settings if you want to open this up to more teachers or restrict it to certain subjects.
The program tracks certain pronouns and other gender-specific words. It uses this information to correctly change those words when copying from one pupil to another - making it much easier and more accurate than it would be using Word.

We call this function 'PasteAI'.
Each time a teacher saves their work the program keeps a copy of the subjects last 20 generations locally. A teacher can restore to any of these local backups at any time.

Reports can also be backup to PDF or Word documents.

The data that is stored online is also automatically backup up each night to a different server in a different building.
ReportComplete has a full word processor-like interface - it's WYSIWYG - that means 'what you see is what you get'. If someone is familiar with using a normal word processor then they will have no difficulty with ReportComplete.
Updates to your report layout, teacher and pupil lists download automatically when the program starts.

The program itself can also update automatically when we release a new version.
A teacher will often like to see what they (or someone else) wrote for a pupil previously, we have a system called 'Past Reports' for doing this. Teachers can copy from these past reports and paste into their current report.
ReportComplete has a 'groupwriter', this allows the teacher to select multiple pupils and write for them all simultaneously. The teacher writes in the perspective of the current pupil and the program automatically sorts out changing any names or gender-specific words for the others.
Each class can have its own layout, this can even be tweaked so that a particular pupil has their very own report layout. There is a full layout editor that has both normal and advanced modes for either straightforward or more complex layouts.

Schools can also send us their existing layouts for us to add to the program for them.
Each teacher can have their own set of 'favourite' statements, they simply highlight some text then select 'Add to favourites'.
Digital signatures can be added so teachers don't need to manually sign each report.
Each pupil can have their portrait added and displayed in their report.
ReportComplete doesn't just list similar words like a thesaurus, it also lists alternative words - for example for 'good' it would also list 'bad'.
ReportComplete has tens of thousands of statements, going all the way from QCA, through levels, to the modern curriculum. These can be searched through in an instant to help a teacher who is having difficulty deciding what to write.
ReportComplete can be used to help write multiple reports per year, each report 'season' can have its own layout.
Grids can be used to add tickboxes or tables to reports. They are most often used in early years as a substitute for text but can also be used in other keystages.
ReportComplete can generate and print a booklet version of your reports to duplex printers.
Attendance data can be imported from your school administration system, it can be altered or updated at any time.
There is no install for ReportComplete, it's simply downloaded and run.
For when staff share common computers, write reports for the same pupils (jobshares) or when heads run more than one school.
Sometimes teachers don't have an Internet connection, in this case, they can use a special offline mode so they can continue writing reports and automatically resync when they do have a connection.
We appreciate that schools have concerns about privacy and security of data. We are fully GDPR compliant.

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What our schools are saying...

 Anthony, you have been fantastic! Thank you so much. 
Class Teacher, Chilwell, Nottingham

 I am really pleased with the software. It is so easy to use and select the right comments. 
Teacher, Stone, Dartford

 Software is very easy to use and produces good clear reports that staff and parents like. 
Headteacher, Castlefields, Runcorn

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