Looking for ReportComplete Live's documentation? It has a brand new home:

Legacy ReportComplete Documentation:

Download install instructions.
Full, easy to understand instructions on how to install ReportComplete.
Quickstart - New schools.
An admin and teacher quickstart guide for schools new to ReportComplete.
Quickstart - Existing schools.
An admin and teacher quickstart guide for schools that are already using ReportComplete.
Create a CSV file.
How to create a file that can be used to import your school pupils and teachers.
Preview mode.
Allow specific users the ability to view what others have written so far.
Install to Dropbox.
You can optionally install ReportComplete to Dropbox for automatic backups.
Custom install.
Change various configuration options whilst installing for a custom setup.
Merging reports.
You can merge individual teachers reports together to make a complete student report.
You can print in booklet format using your Windows printer driver.
Instructions on how to use the merge filter for more advanced report merging.
Laptop getting the wrong Document path?
You can use the override feature to keep all ReportComplete documents and settings on your hard drive.
Need encryption?
You can turn on AES encryption within ReportComplete so your report files are encrypted.
Alternative Network Install.
Instructions on how to install ReportComplete to a shared network drive.
Special keywords (associated text).
You can place special keywords in report text and custom front pages.

Get Acrobat Reader

Direct run (no install):

If you do not have right to install programs then you can try a direct run version:

Download demo/full program to run directly without installing.

U3 Smart Memory Stick:

U3 Smart Sticks are still supported. Our update system automatically generates the latest U3 install when our normal install is created. U3 memory sticks users can use either the normal install or the custom U3 install. The advantage of the custom U3 install is that the program is on the U3 autostart menu.

Download demo/install/update program for U3 smart memory sticks.

Another U3 advantage is that most (if not all) U3 memory sticks have hardware encryption (turned on via the U3 system menu).

MSI install:

Some school IT support staff prefer to use a MSI file to install ReportPlus to multiple computers simultaneously:

Download demo/install/update program contained within an MSI installer.

If you have a problem installing the MSI file then your system might not have the latest Windows service pack.

Zip file:

Some school hubs/firewalls/proxies/antivirus systems do not allow the downloading of '.exe' or 'Install' programs. Because of this we have made available the following '.zip' file in order to help you bypass these systems.

Download demo/install/update program contained within a 'zipped' folder.