We have two affiliate systems:

Standard - Open to anyone.

If you have a popular website or blog then you may want to join our affiliate system that is maintained by E-Junkie. This affiliate system and how much money you can make is related to single user subscription sales of ReportCompleteand other programs you can buy via the SinisterSoft Limited shopping checkout.

Lifetime Reward - Open to lifetime subscription account users only.

This is a reward for our lifetime subscription users. If you have a lifetime subscription then you have an added benefit of being able to create Discount Codes. If a school uses one of your codes when ordering you will automatically gain a commission from the sale (dependent on how much you gave away with the code). The payment will be made as soon as the schools payment has finally been processed. A school can only specify one discount code and can do this only at the time of ordering.

And how much will you earn with Lifetime Rewards?

You decide, but it could be up to £110 !

You start off with £50 commission for the "Admin" licence and £3 per additional "Teacher"" licence (maximum 20 licences). But you can optionally give away up to £50 of this within your discount code. So if you generate a discount code that gives £20 off, then you would have a commission of £30 + £3 per additional teacher.

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Don't forget, the Lifetime Reward affiliate system is only available to lifetime subscription users!