The aim of this webpage is to demonstrate some of the features of ReportComplete Live.

Click here to start the ReportComplete Live demo without actually installing (if prompted then click 'Run').

Enter your school name.

Whilst loading you may be presented with a prompt to enter your school name, this will be shown on the report front cover.

Demo contains multiple example keystages.

Once ReportComplete Live starts you will be able to select and type in student reports from various keystages. Samples include EYFS, KS1, KS2, Catholic, and Welsh layouts.

Getting started

When ReportComplete Live first starts you will be in Jame Adams report. Jane is a KS1 student. The cursor in the upper right Literacy box indicates your position in her report.

You can start typing here, the program has the usual range of word processing functions (just right-click for bold, italic, underline, etc.)

Adding Comments

You can quickly add your own favourite comments to the program by pasting them in from Word or other programs.

There are also sets of comments included in the program (note: these can be disabled if your school prefers not to use them)

If you hover over one of the comments in the lower section then it will highlight in blue, double click it and it will appear in the report above.

Note: Most teachers use a combination of typed text and our comment banks to build each report.

Copying and Pasting

A unique feature of ReportComplete is 'PasteAI' - this allows you to safely copy and paste text between students.

To demonstrate this, highlight a section of text in Jane's Literacy section (click and drag your mouse) then right-click the selected text and select 'Copy' or click the copy icon in the toolbar.

Now select a different student from the student list (top right), eg: John Bennett - then position your cursor in the Literacy section of his report, right-click and select PasteAI or click the PasteAI icon on the toolbar.

You will see the copied text has been pasted with John's correct name and gender.